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Felicitations! You’ve finally landed on the decision to kickstart a new company. Whether you call yourself a startup or a small business, we get it and we salute your initiative. Not too long ago, we were there too, babbling about starting a new company that supports startups with our technological solutions. And Codiant was born.

Our Startup Solutions are designed to help get your business off the ground. You just need to focus on what you love; our experts will handle the rest- with the right hardware, the cost-efficient software, prompt development, perfect configuration, and cloud services. Share your glee now, as with Codiant at the helm, your company is bound to prosper.


AJIOSYS – Providing Insightful, Qualitative and Technological Startup Solutions

A Perfect Beginning is merely a Half Job Done!

Modern day startups are way more different than the world has witnessed in the past. A number of startups come into existence every day and almost 80% of them disappear into the darkness of financial disaster. Why? Just because most of the aspiring investors fail to understand the importance of calculating some of the unpredictable challenges mentioned below:
  1. Requirement of technically solid business startup solutions disrupting the industry
  2. Lack of ample financial, technical resources
  3. Inaccurate partnership and business decisions
  4. Lack of considerable experience for hiring professionals to carry out the tasks.
  5. Incapable cyber security
  6. Fierce industrial competition
  7. Time management and unrealistic expectations
  8. Winning the trust of consumers
We help you turn your Business Startup ideas into Reality
For any startup the journey from idea to execution is the most difficult one, we help you cover that distance with ease. Almost 8 out of 10 entrepreneurs prefer investing in opening startups. The payout for a successful startup is enormous. Investment of time and money at the right time in the right way is the key to success for any startup. We know the startup journey is tough and thus we are there for you from idea to “Your Successful Brand”. Our professionals are focused on strategizing cutting-edge startup solutions needed to turn business ideas into reality. These solutions are fully insightful for helping startups take calculated steps towards corporate prosperity

Journey from Idea to Success

Your Idea is 100% Protected We believe in building trustable relations. Your idea is 100% safe with us and also we will provide you with a signed Non-disclosure Agreement (NDA). You are the Boss. Complete ownership Your product is yours completely. You have the complete ownership of the code and design assets. Building Quality MVP Minimal Viable Product (MVP) usually takes 2-4 months of time depending on complexity and features. We strive to deliver you a quality MVP with the best of our efforts. Affordable & Entrepreneur Friendly Prices Our prices are entrepreneur friendly and affordable. 90% of our customers are entrepreneurs who get flexible and hassle free payment options. Flexible & Reliable Support We want to see you growing and as you grow, changes will come and we are there for your support. We are flexible, reliable and really supportive tech partner.


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